Friday, October 17, 2008


I've just been tagged "it" and I didn't even know I was playing!

Oh sure, I could walk away and just ignore the fact that I was ever tagged. Especially convenient because it would seem as though anyone I would have the remote possibility of tagging has already been tagged, done their tagging, and are sitting safely back at home base (reminding me of childhood nightmares where this scene is immediately followed by incessant mocking as I lose the game).

But alas, my tagger is none other than the one, the only, the marvelous and magnificent Holly Hansen of Family History fame (formerly My Ancestor's Found). I must humbly bow in the midst of her greatness ;) Therefore I can not simply ignore this request, and I now present to you the information requested in the tag.

10 Years Ago I …

1. Had a million dreams (or close to it)
2. But knew not the joy of my children
3. Was still invincible
4. Learned those guardian angels watching over me, were my relatives
5. Had more time for my passions

Five Things on Today’s To-Do List

1. Interview with the illustrious DearMyrtle (check)
2. Pay Bills (check)
3. Do my homework (half-check)
4. Dig out my vaporizer (blasted cold!)
5. Search for ancestors. (never ending!)

Five snacks I enjoy
1. Brownies
2. Barely Buttered Popcorn
3. Chocolate
4. Ice Cream
5. Tapioca pudding

Five Places I’ve Lived
1. Pleasant Grove, Utah (/Cedar Hills)
2. Cedar City, Utah
3. St. George, Utah
4. Salt Lake City, Utah (/Sandy)
5. Provo, Utah

Five Jobs I’ve Had
1. Specialist, Digital Books
2. Indexing Specialist
3. Tech-Support
4. Auto-Parts
5. Mom!

Five Blogs I Tag
1. Renee Zamora at Renee's Genealogy Blog
2. David Samuelson and the Utah Deaf Genealogical Association
3. Utah Valley Paf Users Group
4. Ok, seriously, this game has gotten out of control so I'll do my part by not sending it to the full 5 people.
5. bwaa hahahaha (oh wait! no one was supposed to hear that evil and rebellious cackle.)

Ya'all can see my list of blogs I watch on this page, or I've recently hopped on the facebook blognetwork as well.

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