Monday, October 17, 2011

The emotions of victory!

I won the SLIG blogging contest!

Since learning the news via a tweet (interesting in itself since I'm not a huge twitter fan and only have about 3 people set up to tweet on my phone) my emotions have been a rollercoaster.

Of course I'm elated! If I had the time, I'd make a paper countdown chain. (Since I don't, watch for a counter on the blog to come soon.)

There have also been feelings of winner's remorse (is that a real thing? Like survivor's remorse, only milder... I wish so-an-so could have won. This other person really could have used it too...I hope this other person finds a way to come too....)

There's a lot of gratitude and humbleness as well. I'm grateful to UGA for sponsoring the contest in the first place. I mean really, how GREAT is that!!!

But I also know that the contest was still just chance. Other than putting forth the effort to enter, there was nothing I did, or even could have done, to assist myself in winning. Granted, there were not that many that entered, so odds were good, nevertheless, I'm not that lucky. When something like this happens to me, its usually in relation to Family History, and its usually because some dead ancestor is meddling in my life. (Not that I have any problem with it, in fact I welcome them to meddle in other parts of my life too.)

But that leads me to wonder who exactly wants me to find them, or who wants me to get to know them better this time. At which point I begin to wonder if I really signed up for the right course or not. I think I did. I felt good about it after I wrote the entry blog.

But that leads me to feel really overwhelmed.

First of all, I'll confess, I'm a rather disorganized genealogist. It's something I keep working on, but I never seem to make much progress. But now I have to get at least somewhat organized before January so I know what I already have on the lines I'm hoping to get help on. Not to mention, get what organization I do have up to a point where I can show what I have to someone else. YIKES!

I also want to make sure I have exhausted all I know how to do on those lines so I can best make use of the help while its available.

But with work, school, kids, church, and everything else that makes up my daily life, not to mention the holiday season quickly approaching....Now is when I could really use some "luck."

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