Sunday, January 22, 2012


Day 0.

The time has finally come. I'm so excited! I opted for course 8-Beyond the Library: Using Original Source Repositories. The field trip to the Utah State Archives was kind of the clincher in my decision, even though I kept telling myself that I could go anytime and probably get the same tour/assistance. Additionally, I feel lucky to even get time at the library, most of my research is done on-line, so archive trips, courthouse trips etc. are not things I've ever even attempted, so I definitely have a lot to learn.

Due to a kink in the scheduling, they moved the Welcome Breakfast to 7am. Since I do live just an hour or so away, I'm staying at home, so it will be an early morning. But I'm sending my 2 yr old to my parent's house for the night, and hitting the sack early so I'll be well rested and ready to absorb everything I possibly can!

Now on to finish my homework due tomorrow night so I can focus solely on Genealogy this week! (well, almost solely).

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